Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here we go!

Finally, after countless emails from around the world and lots of poking and prodding from family, friends and clients, I've decided to enter the new millennia and start a blog! I've put numerous hours of thought into "what" I wanted the content of this blog to be. Should it be just about extreme fitness, or proper diet and exercise, or what fitness means to each of us or even books, beer, wine and cigars? I've decided it should be a little of all of that good stuff but also motivational, inspirational and thought provoking. I want this blog to provoke you to think outside the box. I want it to "fire" you up and get you motivated. I want it to inspire each and everyone of us to really "live" and not just "exist." Oh yeah! I'll try to answer interesting and timely relevant health, fitness and life questions that I get sent daily. And I'll post current training info, upcoming events, inspiring people, and any thing else that will help us rock-n-roll through the daily grind that many of us call life!