Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 2009 Challenges!

People ask me all the time, "Where do you go after breaking a Guinness World Record? What's next?" Let me tell ya, in this day an age someone is always coming up something a little more extreme or even crazier. So even I don't have a problem finding challenging and even fun events to keep myself motivated and in shape. Here's my wish list for 2009. What's yours?

-First, get back to Guinness weight & shape - How? - I'm currently following my own eating & exercise program from my book "The World's Fittest You." Already lost 6lbs, feel better and running faster. It's all about taking baby steps, being realistic and not expecting it to happen overnight.

-Second, I got invited back to the World's Toughest Trail Race, The Barkley 100 Miler Only 7 people have ever completed it. I'm training my butt off and expect to be number 8 this year!

-Third, I'd like to try to qualify for the National Strongman competition in the under 200lb class. I may try it in Indiana. It's going to happen. Just not sure when. Strongman and Ultrarunning make for odd bed fellows. Which I find that much more appealing! The crazier and more insane, the better!-

-Fourth, and craziest event, The North American Wife Carrying Championship, This one looks to be a blast! I've found it's fun to compete in a broad spectrum of fitness events, from the serious to the just plain fun.

Whatever your goals or resolutions are, stick with them. Don't quit on yourself. Odds are you'll be sorry and look back some day and go, "What if?!" Now is the time. Have fun and never stop playing like a kid!

Joe Decker W.F.M.