Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You're Never Too Old!

Hey Gang!

It's been a couple months since I last signed in. 2007 started off with a month full of fun-filled fitness events. I started with a Powerlifting meet in LA, then the Death Valley Trail Marathon followed by the Strongest Man in Arizona competition. Let me tell ya, I'm pretty beat-up but in a good kinda way. These sort of events don't let you forget that you are alive.

Speaking of being alive, I have worked with and continue to work with people that tell me, "When you get to be my age, you won't be doing these crazy events." Most of these people are 40-50 years old and the majority have set on their ass their entire life. Now that they've gotten older and haven't engaged in any prevention, like a fitness program, they are starting to fall apart. Most people that tell you that running destroys your knees, have never actually run. Or that tell you that weight lifting will destroy your shoulders, have never lifted. These people have done nothing and are paying the price.

I believe that engaging in activities like running and weight lifting in moderation do not destroy your body but have the opposite effect. They help you to continue through life with your head held high and to live with pride. We do not have to become these helpless little crippled people that we generally associate with aging. Yes, I'm only 36, so what do I know. You've got a point there so how about I give you a couple examples from some incredible individuals I met over the last couple of months.

I met Ryan at the LA Powerlifting meet in Jan. This competition consisted of a one rep max bench press and a one rep max deadlift. Pretty serious business even for us youngsters. Ryan told me that he started lifting weights when he was 15 years old. Back then it consisted of picking up heavy things around the farm. He's watched the industry grow over the years. And he's watched many of his friends get old and feeble and die. Ryan is 71 years young. He can bench press 275lbs and deadlift 365lbs. He looks like he's 50 and acts like he's 21. He said, "Lifting weights all of these years has kept me looking and feeling young and strong." Who would you listen to? Your overweight and lazy neighbor or Ryan? Hmmmm?

I met Tom and Kate at the Death Valley Trail Marathon in Feb. This is one of the most scenic and beautiful courses in the country. 26.2 through lovely Death Valley. Marathons are not easy, especially one in this location with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. This would be tough for a young person. Tom and Kate have been running their entire lives. They have done countless marathons and races together all over the world. It is their passion and their first love. Not bad considering Tom is 76 and Kate is 69. I asked them about their knees. They said, "Yes, we've had the normal aches and pains, but both of us would take this any day over sitting down and actually growing old. Running together is our fountain of youth!" Who would you believe? Hmmmm?

I've come to this conclusion, never stop playing like your kid. Try to continually enjoy your body and let it take you to far away exotic places to do incredible things. "We're not here for a long, just for a good time!"