Friday, January 04, 2008

The Gift of Health thru Fitness & Commitment

This is an article written by a mentor and very good friend of mine, John Philbin. John is the owner of Philbin's Athletic Training Center in Gaithersburg, MD and the Former Redskins Conditioning Coach. I've learned a lot from him. Maybe this can help you too. Enjoy!

It is with great pleasure that I share this information at the request of my good friend Ken Harvey, former All-Pro for the Washington Redskins, whose commitment to fitness and excellence I deeply respect and admire.

In my career, I have trained many professional, world class athletes and among them was Ken Harvey, who I was fortunate enough to train as a conditioning coach for the Washington Redskins and have since worked with Mr. Harvey on numerous ventures since his retirement. In response to his request, this is an effort to provide some general guidance and right hand rules to achieve better health through Fitness and Commitment.

I have dedicated my athletic, professional and education to health and fitness. As a former Olympian and owner of a family fitness and athletic training facility in Montgomery county my business has given me the opportunity to assist athletes with improved performance and guide people on methods to change their lifestyles so that they can achieve what ever it is they want to accomplish as a personal goal.

Over three decades I have trained thousands of people with different aspirations and goals. Some of the most notable clients were Redskins such as Darrel Green, Tre Johnson, James Thrash, Brian Mitchell, John Riggins, Joe Theisman, and Trent Green. Interestingly, all of my successful clients, athletes and non-athletes, have similar personality traits when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. I would like to share with you Philbin’s top 10 personality characteristics for success;

Top 10 Personality Traits for Success

1) Set Realistic Achievable Goals – In order to succeed at a goal you must have a plan of action that is broken down into small incremental objectives. These objectives must be realistic, achievable and need to be written down so that they can be reviewed on a daily/weekly bases and adjusted if necessary. It is personal accountability to yourself.

2) Make the Right Choices – You must be conscious and aware of the choices you make when it relates to achieving your daily objectives. This takes mental discipline and many times sacrificing certain things that you normally would enjoy but know are working against your daily objectives. Eating habits for a majority of people are the most challenging. Prioritization

3) Seek Out Expert Advice - Before engaging in a physical fitness program seek out expert advice and start with complete physical and guidelines from a successful personal trainer. Personal referrals will be your best advice. Don't spin your wheels, do the wrong things and find yourself getting discouraged. Get engaged.

4) Build a Support Team – In order to succeed there must be a support team around you willing to encourage you and make your actions accountable. These people must also be willing to tell you when your swaying off track and must be prepared to do what ever it takes to keep you on track. Hard love ... Support

5) Don't Justify the Wrong Actions – It is all too easy to justify certain actions (choices) that work against your goals (objectives). If you choose to do something that you know is wrong then you are only hurting yourself and disappointing everyone else on your support team. Make the right choices! Dedication

6) 90 /10 Rule – Ninety percent of the time you should work extremely hard to accomplish your daily and weekly objectives. Most of us find making life style changes (habits) very difficult so we allow for a ten percent off track concession. Consistency

7) Karma & Respect – Believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. Creating good "Karma" around you helps develop a successful atmosphere that is critical for success. Always respect everyone elses efforts no matter who they are or what they do for a living. Confidence

8 ) Unfulfilled Promises - All too often people start a fitness program (New Years resolution) with great enthusiasm and commitment. After 6 to 8 weeks the excitement starts to fade and it becomes work (50% drop out). Unfortunately, only 30 percent of these new programs will survive after 4 to 5 months and only 15 percent after 8 months will have created a healther lifestyle. In my opinion creating significant lifestyle changes (habits) takes 18 months or more. Hard decisions for personal improvement.

9) Fear of Failure – A very common personality trait for all successful people is the fear of failure ... this drives people to go the extra mile and sacrifice whatever it takes to accomplish daily objectives and reach their goals. Fear comes in many forms i.e. hating anything less than first, proving to someone that you can do it, redemption, materialistic satisfaction, repercussions from not meeting a certain standard, awards and accolades. Failure is not an option ... Fear is a great motivator.

10) Perseverance - It is inevitable that there will be extreme challenges and obstacles to be conquered along the path of success but those who persevere will eventually make positive lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of life. Be a fighter ... enjoy life!

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