Thursday, August 13, 2009

Speed training - 200m repeats

Had a great group this morning, about 20 people. I'm telling ya gang this stuff can be hard to do alone so try to find another twisted sicko to join ya! Also, if you have some about as fast or faster training with you, you will both get stronger and faster through competitive competition. It does work!

As I've told ya before, there's about 50 of us getting ready for the Boot Camp Challenge next month and then the big Gut Check Challenge, Nov 14th. So we're training our arses off! Upper body stuff, Mon & Wed, lower body Tues & Thurs, a mix on Friday. Today we got after some short but strenuous 200 meter repeats then some lower strength. Here's how it went;

  • 1 Mile warm-up

  • 8 x 200m - *note, you can run them on a track or whereever you choose. 8 on a track can be boring but you can watch your times better. I like to mix them up and screw with peoples heads so we did 5 on the flat through the neighborhood, then 3 repeats up a long ramp, that sucked! But kick butt training.
    1min box jumps

  • 2 x 30 sec side step ups - left & right for 30 each

  • 2 x 30 sec single leg squats with a hop

  • 5 burpees w/pu

  • 10 walking lunges

  • 5 burpees

  • 10 reverse lunges

  • 5 burpees

  • 5 single leg long jumps - each leg

  • 5 burpees

  • 10 more walking lunges

  • 5 burpees

  • 30 sec decline sit-ups - spin it around to;

  • 30 sec decline leg lifts

  • 5-10 min stretch

This is a great little lower body smoke session. Listen, fat & speed are bitter enemies! Run faster, wathc what you shove in your pie hole and you will get leaner. Get after it!

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