Thursday, December 24, 2009

Death Race 2010

I turn 40 next year and have found myself pondering what I can to do bring this decade in properly and torture myself at the same time. Oh, I'm going to attempt the Barkley 100 Miler and the Running of the Bulls in Spaiin but needed something a little more sadistic. Enter the Death Race - I just signed up 5 minutes ago officially to head to Vermont in June with 99 other wackos and try to survive. Why you might ask? Well, I could go get completely piss ass drunk like many of us have in the past to wake up 40yrs old and not remember what the hell happened. I figure this event will leave a big enough emotional, psychological and physical scar that I will never ever forget where I was my 40th year alive!

"Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'!"

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