Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Gear

I get tons of questions about gear. I've added some to Joe's Gear link for you to check out. It's very important that you get the proper gear if you're going to start a new fitness program. Here are just a few of the products that I like. You may not like these or may have your own favorites. That's fine, just make sure you're well equipped and ready to rock-n-roll!

Shoes- For road running, I like the New Balance 1221 or the Asic's Gel Kayano. These shoes are not flashy but are very high quality. I use these and their off-road shoes for trail running too because they have great cushioning and support. They come in bigger width's for those of you with Fred Flintstone feet like me. Also, I would definitely recommend Salomon's shoes for adventure racing and anything in the wood line. They are comfortable and very durable. Try on different shoes to find the right brand for you. Your feet, knees and joints will definitely let ya know.

Workout Clothes- Under Armour is my favorite. Their stuff is durable, comfortable and looks cool too. You gotta look the part. Just remember to get something that wicks the moisture away from you skin. Try to stay away from cotton.

Outdoor Clothing- When it comes to rugged outdoor gear, you can't beat Mountain Hardwear or Patagonia. Their stuff is the state of the art, lightweight and extremely durable. It kept me warm and dry when we raced 520-miles across the Himalayas a few years ago.

Socks- I'm a big fan of Feetures performance socks. They kept my feet blister free while running through Death Valley and crossing the Sahara Desert. www.feeturesbrand.com

Toys- Boys do like their toys and I'm no exception. I love my Garmin, Suunto and Casio watches. The Garmin is great for plotting the distance of running and cycling routes. Suunto is the ultimate Adventure Racing watch. It can be used as a compass, an altimeter and even a barometer. Casio is my Boot Camp and gym workout watch. All three are tough watches. My IPod is a must while doing cardio in the gym or getting pumped up before an event. Nothing like rocking out to some Metallica before a heavy lifting session. Plus, I like to keep my small Cannon camera with me at all times to take awesome photos while training, competing, or wine tasting with friends.

Misc.- Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing of all, BodyGlide. Trust me this stuff works. www.bodyglide.com

This is some of my favorite stuff. I'd love to hear your recommendations. Drop me a line and let me know what makes your list of must have gear.

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