Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Not Your Fault

We've all heard the TV commercial for a popular diet pill that states, "If your fat, it's not your fault." It's about time. That's what I always said when I was 80lbs overweight. No one would believe. It wasn't my fault. It was Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Hostess. Not mine. Isn't it such a relief to finally find this out?

Are you kidding? "It's not your fault." Why do we humans have such a difficult time with accountability? Many times we like to play the blame game and point fingers. I've been there and lived that lie. I'm here to tell ya. If you DO NOT hold yourself accountable for your actions, i.e overeating or not exercising, you will continue down the devastating path you're probably currently on.

I know. I sit alone late one night in a dirty New Orleans apartment, contemplating taking my own life. Why? Because I couldn't figure out how I had come to this state in my life. I was overweight, out-of-shape and abusing drugs and alcohol. But it wasn't my fault. Right?

Luckily for me I was able to get it together. I looked in the mirror for hours. I hated the person staring back. But I realized eventually that that person could be weak and pathetic. He was human. He needed to hold himself accountable and not blame the food, alcohol and drugs. He had to accept responsibility for his actions and current condition.

When I was able to do this, it was like a tremendous weight was lifted. Wow. To think, that I could be weak and pathetic. But now I had control. I made the decisions. I stopped blaming everyone and everything. When I was able to do this, it set me free. I was no longer bound. Through my weakness I found strength.

I truly believe that this can be applied to many of us out there. Listen guys, many times in life "it is our fault!" There's nothing wrong with that. Don't give someone or something else that ability to have control over you. Set yourself free! Break those chains. Repeat after me, "It is my fault and I control it!"

Have a great weekend!


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