Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Even though I have a Guinness World Record for fitness, I still find myself getting bored or becoming complacent from time to time like many of you. When this happens, I know that it's time to add some spice to my workouts or for a little kick in the rear. This usually comes in the form of a 'goofy personal fitness goal.'

There's a set of stairs at the park that I teach my 6 AM Gut Check Fitness Class that just keep going on and on. They are long and steep. You gotta love them. Needing a little fitness attitude adjustment, I decided to try to run 50 repeats in one hour on Tuesday. Was I in for a reality check.

It's 4 AM, alarm goes off. Who's idea was this anyway? Nicole and I get to the stairs at exactly 5 AM. We're off. I'm trying for 50 and Nik for whatever she can get. She keeps me motivated and helps me count. I still have a problem with numbers over ten.

First five stairs, I'm on fire. Five to ten, legs getting warmed up. Ten to fifteen, in the zone. Fifteen to twenty, who's idea was this! Now reality sinks in, I have 30 more to go. Yikes!

Ok, may not get 50 but let's see what we got in the tank. I buckle down, welcome the pain, fatigue and nausea. Now it's on. Mind over matter. "I don't mind 'cuz my body doens't matter!"

Clock strikes one hour. Not bad, was able to get 44 stairs. Nik got 35 and Megan, 20 in 25 minutes. Didn't get 50 but will definitely be back for more.

Even though I doubt the stairs are initimidated, it does and will continue to be one of those goofy fitness challenges that will keep me and others in my group motivated. "Watch out stairs, here we come." What's your fitness challenge?

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