Friday, July 13, 2007

Can you hang?!

Starting today, Friday the 13th, I'm going to start periodically posting a challenging 10-15 min workout smack down. The length of the workouts will vary from day to day. They'll be a very comprehensive mix of all kinds of good stuff. I like to call it "Gut Check" Workouts. I'll do the workouts first to make sure that they are tough enough and to see if I can even hang. Then I'll pass them on to you. If you need to modify, go ahead. Use the format that I give you, but change the weight or distance if need be to make it challenging and doable for you. Give them a try, have some fun then post a comment on my Blog if you want. I'd like to hear what you thought of that particular workout. For instance, "I enjoyed it, that sucked, you suck or no friggin' way!" Feel free to pass the workouts along to all your tough guy/girl friends. See if they can hang!

Here's the workout I did today. It took me 9 min and 48 sec to complete. Not too long, but pretty challenging if you really push yourself for time. Go for it!

1) 15 Wide-grip pull-ups (Ladies - 20 modified)
2) 15 Overhead Barbell Presses w/135 lbs (Ladies - the 45 lb barbell)
3) 15 Palms facing ya/pinkies touching pull-ups (Ladies - 20 modified)
4) 15 Standing Presses w/60 lb dumbbells - both arms together - palms facing in (Ladies - 20 lb db's)
5) 15 Overhand palms away/thumbs touching pull-ups (Ladies - 20 modified)
6) 15 Overhead Presses w/135 lbs (Ladies - the 45 lb barbell)
7) 15 Chin-ups-palms facing ya-shoulder width (Ladies - 20 modified)
8) 15 Presses w/60 lb db's (Ladies - 20 lb db's)
9) 15 Pull-ups - palms away (Ladies - 20 modified)
10) 15 One-arm snatches w/60 lbs- both arms for 15 - weak arm first (Ladies - 20 lb db's)


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