Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fitness Challenge Testing

For those of you that are interested in testing yourself and following along with our 12 Week Challenge, I'll list the tests that we used. I started out by taking everyone's bodyfat measurements. Next, I used 5 different fitness tests to use as a baseline and to track their progress. The 5 tests were;
  1. 200 Meter Dash
  2. Standing DB Squat-curl-overhead presses for 90 seconds - as many as possible
  3. Stairs x 3 - this was timed using a very long set of stairs
  4. Weighted Sit-ups for 90 seconds - girls used 10lbs and guys used 20lbs
  5. One Mile - timed

At the end of 12 Weeks I will test again. Our Challenge is based upon Fitness Progress, not weight loss. In addition we'll be looking at accountability, dedication, motivation and hard work. The goal is to get everyone to really embrace fitness and a healthy lifestyle and incorporate it into their life.

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Steve said...

Hey Joe, I going in to do the workout now. I didn't do the gutcheck yesterday, so I'm making it up today.