Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, Thurs - Changing it up

Hey Gang,

Remember, what I want you to notice today is how we change some of the various workout variables. We'll change reps, sets, rest time to using barbells, dumbbells, machines and your own body weight. This keeps it interesting and constantly challenges your body to function differently each workout. This will help you continue to achieve results and stay motivated. I'll start with my Outdoor Fitness workout and then list today's gym workout.

Outdoor Fitness Workout
-This morning we jogged for about 10 minutes to a hill that's roughly 800 meters/ half-mile long with about a 10% incline. From the bottom we tried to run up it, without stopping to walk. We repeated this twice. It took between 4-6 minutes each time. You can try this on a hill that's close to you or on a treadmill at an easy jog.
-Next we did 50 squats with 15-30 lb dumbbells. Hold the db's in a curl position under your chin. Squat down and touch your elbows to your knees. Repeat.
-50 Walking lunges - single count
-50 Alternating Step-ups on a bench
-50 Box-jumps
-1 minute timed sit-ups holding a 15-30 lb db
-1 min plank position
-5-10 min stretching

Strength Training Workout
-Today's workout will be similar to Monday's - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps. We'll still do 2 Sets of 10-12 Reps. I'll change up Exercises, type and order. Here it goes;

-5-10 min Warm-up - 20 Jumping Jacks - 20 push-ups - 10 pull-ups
  • Standing 1-arm DB presses - 10-12 w/each arm - start w/non-dominate arm
  • DB Flat Bench Press
  • DB 1-arm Snatch - this is an Olympic lift -pretty tough, but great exercise
  • Barbell Incline Press
  • Lying Triceps Extensions or Skull Crushers - lie on a flat bench - bring bar to your forehead
  • Decline Cable Flyes
  • DB Rear Delts - lie face down on a incline bench for these - lightweight -slowly
  • Weighted Bar or Bench Dips
  • 100 Full Sit-ups - non-stop or in sets of 10,25,50, etc - just get them done
  • 50 Hanging Knee Raises

I'll put together a real butt-kicker Gut Check Workout for Friday. Stay tuned. Let me know if you have any questions concerning today's workout. Good luck! Have a great day!

Joe Decker


Joe Decker said...

Just finished this workout. Really enjoyed it. I tried moving quickly between exercises and sets to keep my heart rate up. Give it a try.

Steve said...

I did the workout yesterday and it was great. I liked the how there was a specific warm-up before the actual work sets. I am not used to working so many muscle groups, but it was good and I am sore. Normaly I hammer myself for 20 minutes and I'm out. Not now.